Christmas spoiler

I’m spoiling Christmas 2013 right now but I have to share one of my greatest gifts I got this Christmas.  I was given Vanilla Maple Syrup (you can find something similar to buy here).  It is divine.  Real maple syrup.  Real vanilla beans.  So far I’ve had it on chocolate chip waffles (sugar rush!) and in oatmeal.

So here’s the spoiler.  I know quite a few people who are going to get some of this for Christmas in 2013.  Because I’m going to make some.  It can’t be hard.  Due to the providential donation of a batch of vanilla beans from a dear friend, my attempts at duplicating (or surpassing?) will begin this week.  I will first see if simply splitting and placing vanilla beans inside a pure maple syrup product will yield a rich enough vanilla content after sitting for 2 weeks or so.  If not, I may need to boil the syrup with some beans to help extract some of that delicious flavor.  Either way, I’m sure I will have it figured out by Christmas and cheerfully decorated flasks of it will find their way into various homes.  Maybe that will be you?

In the meantime, I’ll just be the girl eating waffles all year as I test out all my recipes!


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