Something new

photo (1)It’s here.  After 2 and a half months from when my borrowed-from-my-mother-20-year-old sewing machine finally bit the dust, my new one came yesterday.  I spent the 2 months in the interim researching machines and features…a very dizzying prospect to an inexperienced sewer.  I’m not one to make things from patterns.  My sewing has been quilts that are in a forgiving format (because I am not good at details which make true quilts heirlooms), blankets and re-purposing articles of clothing.  So very basic stitches, a solid machine, and please Lord, no computer, were on my must-have list.  I know.  So many sewers I know have fallen in love with their computerized machines and how easy they are with 70 or more decorative stitches.  I get it.  But they are also sewers.  I wouldn’t classify myself as that in any way.  It’s a hobby.  It usually fills in a financial need…as in let’s take 2 pairs of jeans from my girl and make a jean skirt once she’s outgrown the length.  I’m contemplating the attempt of pajama bottoms for everyone since I’ve seen ways online of how to construct them without a pattern.  All that to say, I didn’t want more features and functions in a computerized machine than I would realistically need based upon what I do now.  It may all change in 3 or 4 years depending on how much sewing I do, but I knew I’d not regret a solid mechanical machine with a good reputation knowing it can last 20 years or more.

So, in the 48 hours this little puppy has made 6 kid sized wash rags and 6 unpaper photo (2)towels (nice cleaning rags) easily, smoothly and quietly.  I can finish edges nicely even though it’s not a serger.  And I understand 98% of its functions and features which I’m so very happy about.  Will having it grow me into a seamstress?  I doubt it.  I’m notorious for liking something and going whole hog for a few months then letting it sit for an equally long time.  Still, having it available means I can follow my creating whims as they come.

And maybe, by Christmas time, I’ll be able to make those pajama pants for everyone.


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