An honest opinion

So, as promised, today marks the end of my 2 week anti antiperspirants trial.  For 2 weeks, this clinical strength antiperspirants girl went natural deodorant.  I chose The Happy Hausfrau Soap Company‘s fabulous natural deodorant in Appletini scent.  I personally love her bar soaps, lotions, lip balms and shampoos and conditioners.  I had heard testimonies of her equally wonderful deodorant and thought my Florida winter would be the best time to trial one.

So, here’s my honest opinion, for whatever it’s worth.  I was both shocked and surprised by this little power-house of a deodorant.  I sweat like a pig AND I live in Florida so for a natural deodorant to keep me on an average “mom” day relatively sweat free and completely stench free with only one application was quite a feat.  On “super-mom” days I may have needed a second application by mid-afternoon but that was fine with me.  I had read reviews of others trying to switch to natural deodorants found in stores and they had a hard time finding one that could battle the stench of a regular day, much less that of an active one.  So to find one that could do this, in a natural home-made product, seems to be amazing in my book.  And at 6.50$ and being available in pretty much any scent in the world (she has over 25 available), this is a great and wonderful deal.

My only issue is feeling my armpits sweat.  This is a strange sensation and on the days where I was either out in 82* weather, cleaning house, or walking on the treadmill, this  was just plain weird to feel. My first response is oh my gosh, I stink!  But finding out that isn’t always true when wearing a deodorant just made me nervous.  With antiperspirants, I am used to the understanding that if I’m sweating, I’m stinking and I need more.  So there’s definitely an adjustment to going the deodorant route, especially if you have no memory of actually sweating in the armpits.

I think I will keep both options, myself.  And every day I go natural, is one less day without the exposure to more aluminum.


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