“Fame! I’m gonna live forever!”

And just like that I have a hoard of 80’s lovers singing this song…myself included!  Yet I’m not here to talk about the musical Fame!.  In the end, I’m talking about Embracing Obscurity’s next chapter, which deals with fame, the limelight, the renown or the influence that may be a part of your life.  Because not all chapters of our lives are mundane or obscure or unseen by the world.  Sometimes we all get a slightly bigger audience and the question becomes what am I to do with fame?

What if— like Moses, Joseph, Ruth, and David— God gives us a position of influence or authority . . . maybe for a week, maybe for a lifetime? If that happens, we too will be faced with a crossroads: Will we use the spotlight for God’s glory or our own? Will we allow the spotlight to illuminate the way, or will we be blinded by it?

Anonymous (2012-09-20). Embracing Obscurity: Becoming Nothing in Light of God’s Everything (p. 149). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

I personally loved this chapter.  Not because I’m planning for fame, but because I should be.  This chapter is a call to intentionality.  Intentionally thinking the “what ifs”.  So many christians get sidetracked from their faith when the spotlight comes on without having intentionally thought through what that may mean for their faith and how much more aggressively the heart itself must embrace obscurity, even as a world around clammers for attention.  I have to daily preach the very gospel that saved me.  Without Christ, I am nothing. I do not deserve anything, but what I have been given is so that I can make much of God.

The purpose of my influential position is to make God’s name great, to advance His kingdom on Earth, and to serve others.

Anonymous (2012-09-20). Embracing Obscurity: Becoming Nothing in Light of God’s Everything (p. 156). B&H Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Am I doing this now?  Whether I have sway with the kings of the world or the children at my feet, I have a task to use all the gifts, all the abilities I have been given to make His name great (not mine), to advance His kingdom (not mine) and to serve (not myself or my needs, but others).  If I’m not doing it in the shadows, in the secret, pursuing a heart and attitude of humility, then I certainly will not do it in the spotlight.

Do not long for more.  Much has already been given. Rather pour out more of yourself for His glory and His purpose, seeking to be fully faithful in what has been given.  Make much of Him.


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