He’s the man

stock-photo-usa-circa-a-used-postage-stamp-showing-the-superhero-superman-circa-114898618He’s the man.  My husband has gone from zero to hero in the eyes of my oldest boy, Isaac.  For the last two weeks I have watched this begin in him as Dad can do this, or Dad can fix that or I wish Dad was here and not you, Mom.  Just shy of six years old, Dad is now his Superman.

I am not sure if there is quiet the same phenomenon amongst mothers and daughter…I think hormones get in the way. I didn’t with my own mother until adult-hood. But the boy is definitely wanting to be with Dad.  I’m not down on it; this is how boys begin to observe and learn how to be men.  Still, what a challenge for my husband as he suddenly has this little burr in his side wanting to know how Daddy does something, not Mommy.  And what a great opportunity for discipleship.  Up to this point the majority of biblical training in addition to school work has been something I did with regularity.  But instead of bringing me his school book to read, he brought it to John.  He hears better when John speaks.  He wants to do the same things Daddy does.  When John sits with me in church, Isaac stays awake.

It’s bittersweet for me; he will never again be the innocent little boy.  He’ll be a big kid, then a teen then an adult.  I’ll always be mom.  His mom.  But,  I am so very thankful that he has such a man as my husband to learn from.  Because I know that he’ll teach my sons to model him only so far as he models Christ.  The rest isn’t worth following.


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