Today is his day…

photo (3)For two weeks my boy Isaac has been patiently waiting for this day.  Today is the first day he gets to try to ride a BMX track.  And the boy is stoked.

This has been a long-standing discussion between my husband and me: what to get the boy involved in.  As he will be 6 in less than a week, we figured it was time to at least start seeing what he was interested in.  Neither John nor I are big on team sports and have found the times needed for pee-wee football or basketball to be more than we wanted to commit to.  With 2 other kids and him working 2 jobs, I knew it would fall to me to do a lot of the sitting at practices and driving to games.  While I have no problem doing that when they are all older if they truly love a sport, I’m certainly not going to do it now when they could care less.  John, my lover of fight-night, boxing and mixed martial arts, really wanted to see Isaac in some kind of class for that.  Unfortunately, the cost was prohibitive for us.  Same thing on gymnastics.  In the end, when I asked Isaac what he wanted to do, he said ping-pong.  Yeah.  That’s my boy.

So after discussing and thinking of the things he likes to do, which at this point are purely boy things: building, crashing, getting dirty, and going FAST on his bike.  I looked at my trials bike proficient husband and asked if there were any bike things he could do around here.  Lo and behold, the city of Cape Coral has its own BMX track and club!  With races.  With kids Isaac’s age!  With training clinics and twice a week open practice sessions and a relatively modest start-up cost.  Inspiration has struck!

So, 2 weeks ago we went to the race they held one night while John headed in to work. We didn’t stay long; spectating a sport and like a sport are two different things for my kids.  Still, I got to see what it was like and Isaac got to see kids his age ride FAST and the older kids jump.  And last night he helped his Daddy get all the stuff fixed on his bike so he could try it out at open practice tonight.

Will he love it?  I don’t know.  But it’s an adventure and something to try.  He’ll remember us all out there cheering him on!  Maybe it’ll be a hobby, maybe I’ll be going to race tracks a few weekends, but either way, today is his day to try!


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