The next read

As yesterday I ended Embracing Obscurity, today seemed fitting to announce the next read.  As I am not a voracious non-fiction reader, by choosing a book and reading a chapter a week with the intent of sharing here, I have found a bit of accountability from you all.  It helps to process the information I have obtained as well as put forth books that may interest others in their own pursuit of godliness.

So…we’re swinging a bit more practical and I’ve chosen The Organized Heart by Staci Eastin.  The book price is around 5$ for Kindle and other digital versions.  If you don’t have a Kindle reader, remember that you can download the Kindle app (or others) for free to smart phones or computers.

Peeking in to the book I’m excited that once again we will be dealing with heart issues.  While there is a practicality to being organized, there is a heart aspect that is often missed.  Is it possible, that like all other things in our human existence that this is touched by our sinful nature as well?  That perhaps, our disorganization is a sin problem?

I am very excited to have the truth of the gospel applied to something so practical as I am looking ahead to a time in my family and my work as a new Classical Conversations Director and a need for greater organization.  While externally I can learn tools for organization, having a heart organized by the gospel will be of far lasting value.  Interested in joining me?  Grab a copy and read a chapter a week.  Every Monday is book day here.


2 thoughts on “The next read

  1. I’ve really enjoyed your posts on “Embracing Obscurity,” which is how I found your blog. I’ll have to check out “The Organized Heart” as well. Funny thing… we just joined Classical Conversations this year in Denver, and love it. I’m sure you’ll make a fantastic director! Your heart shines through these posts. Blessings!

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