Too busy

I try to minimize the list of “to-dos” on my calendar.  Up til recently, that was done fairly well as I was mainly juggling only mine and my spouse’s schedules.  But, as my kids have gotten older, and desired activities of their own…I find it doesn’t take long to find out I’m too busy.

We stay up too late and get up too early, not out of a sense of Proverbs 31 stewardship but because our calendars require us to sacrifice rest.

Eastin, Staci (2011-02-26). The Organized Heart (p. 34). Cruciform Press. Kindle Edition.

Can you relate?  I spent the quiet hours after my kids were asleep last night making a large batch of freezer-ready french toast and homemade orange marmalade.  Now, I did it happily from 7-10pm…if it was 7am there would have been a deep grumbling in my spirit.  Cooking, in the morning, is never something I want to do.

But what am I doing with my days that makes me need to do it at that time?  Am I redeeming the time I have or am I chasing after idols of esteem or childhood accomplishments?

Fear of man can fill our days with good tasks that we accept for the wrong reasons. Mothers must especially guard their hearts and families against the fast-paced rhythms of this world. Discern what God has for your family, and teach your children through example what it means to rest, obey, and honor God with all of your commitments.

Eastin, Staci (2011-02-26). The Organized Heart (p. 38). Cruciform Press. Kindle Edition.

Notice the tasks we accept are good ones.  For most of us, in most of our situations, we aren’t weighing tasks that are good vs bad…they are good vs good.  You have room in your schedule to either do a bible study or a family game night.  Both are good things.  And only you, prayerfully seeking, will know in the end which is needed more.

I don’t want to be a woman who is mired in busyness.  Sometimes, God calls us to be stretched in things to grow us and to use us, but so often I think I just don’t want to say no.  I’m afraid someone’s feelings will get hurt.  Or I believe the lie that if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.  God doesn’t need me for His purposes.  I am privileged to take part in them, but He isn’t anxiously waiting to see if I will do a task.  He can just as easily call me to it as any other person.

Perhaps there is too much on your plate?  Perhaps you agreed to things without thinking it through all the way?  Or maybe in an effort to have your kids active, the calendar is too full.  What you can do, or are called to do will change greatly through seasons of life.  Don’t be afraid to lighten up if needed or to load up when your abilities permit.  Take time to re-evaluate and then re-commit yourself to the tasks God has asked of you, walking in His strength to do them for His glory.


2 thoughts on “Too busy

  1. Julie says:

    Leia, I have to tell you I ‘love’ this book! It makes me stop, think,elevaluate what I am doing, why I am doing it. My children are grow, yet I still seem to be always chasing, always busy but is this what God truly wants!

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