Good things end…

**Downton Abbey Spoiler Alert!**

This week, my friend and I will be yanking the band-aid off our favorite show, Downton Abbey.  This season has been the most depressing of them all…I know, many have joined in the passion of the british show and still find it a wonderful period soap-opera.  I liked it when it was still a period show, not the developing soap-opera that seems to have overtaken.  Season 1 was filled with details, personalities fighting, struggles and secrets between the classes that made you instantly have favorites to hate and favorites to love.  Season 2 journeyed through war and while sometimes on an emotional roller-coaster there was continuing sparks of love, hope, and solidarity that kept it from being too dark.  In Season 3, we see very little of the love, hope and solidarity as the characters descend into bitterness, promiscuity, and division. I am fully aware that the writers are reflecting the changes the 1920’s brought in to society, but it is all told so very darkly.  Bates is so very depressing in jail, Mary and Matthew fight more married than apart, and Lord Grantham has fallen from his patient and dignified self in Season 1.  With the death of Sybil…and aware of the upcoming death of Matthew (did we really need the sudden and dramatic deaths of 2 main characters during the same season? Couldn’t one have run away to America or something hopeful?)…my friend and I no longer wanted to have our weekly night of watching and being depressed afterwards…we decided to just watch them all together with a lot of chocolate.  We’re going to rip off the band-aid.  I’ve been too invested in this season to stop now…which is why we opted for the TV pass.  But to cut out days of my time to only be further disappointed seems to just prolong the agony.  I am not sure, with Sybil and Matthew gone, the loose moral days of the 20s coming, and the coming end of the Downton estate, if I will be watching Season 4.  I know all good things must come to an end…but couldn’t they have chosen a better way to end?


2 thoughts on “Good things end…

  1. Brittany says:

    Sybil’s death was AWFUL, wasn’t it?! We were ready to give up on the show after that episode, but overcame those feelings by the following Sunday night (grin). Honestly though, it was heartbreaking and I know that Julian Fellowes would never have written that in if Jessica Findlay Brown hadn’t decided to leave the show mid-season. I suppose she’s off to “bigger and better things”, although I am having a hard time accepting Branson without her. This last week’s episode (on PBS, that is) was GREAT. Absolutely brilliant in my opinion. The cricket match and Bates’ release were just what the show needed to perk viewers up. Yes… I know that Matthew is killed in the final episode next week and I’m sure I’ll feel like quitting the show again but what can I say, I love Downton!

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