It’s finally happened.  After 3 years, countless hours of grueling work, studying, and waiting…the game has finally changed.

183480_1872749783928_7192202_nMy husband has been hired as a firefighter.

We had no idea how poor our area’s market for firefighter jobs was when he signed up for classes.  I mean, we knew no one was hiring, but you think that by the time the school part is done…someone will be hiring nearby.  And we were not opposed to branching out of our area.  So, my self-professed ADD husband enrolled in fire school and began training and studying, while working full-time, while I worked part-time and home schooled.  It was a rough time.  For both of us.  But, we stuck with it, John graduated and landed a good job in the ER using his EMT license until the first firefighter opening came up.  Months later, the first big one opened.  Several area stations joined together to offer their testing and application work for 11 positions.  We knew from those we talked to that these jobs would fill fast; we got all our paperwork in early.  John went to the testing site and was one among 500 people.  Yup.  That was our wake up call to how difficult him becoming a firefighter may be.

We’ve gone through a few other job openings, all with small numbers to hire and crazy large numbers applying.  John has diligently worked two jobs so I can stay home to educate our kids.  Averaging about 70 hours a week in work since the end of fire school, we’ve learned how to maximize our 30 minutes together and treasure the single half day he has home.

Two weeks ago he got the call from a recruiter at a station near us.  Has he already been hired?  Any updates?  We didn’t think a whole lot about it.  Five days after that conversation, he was called to schedule an interview.  Those that know my John, know he doesn’t own a sports coat, or a button up shirt.  We spent the next 3 days before the interview making resumes, cover letters, clothes shopping, and making a lot of copies for the interview board.  Two interviews later, he gets the call…he’s in.

In 3 weeks I will go from seeing my husband awake rarely to him being home 3-4 days a week.  No more night work, or sleeping during the day; and while he will continue his other jobs very part-time, we are entering a stage where we are home together so much more.  More time for hobbies, for friends, for ministering, for loving our kids.

I know many have been praying for this for us…I thank you all for it.


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