Born grazers

I’ve given up.  My kids are just too much like their Daddy.

For the past six months, I have made it my goal and endeavor to fill my children’s stomach.  At 8, 5 and 4 years old, they’ve been growing and constantly complaining about being hungry.  Finally, my dear husband looked at me and said, they need to eat more food.

Of course, it’s said, but now up to me to do.  On a tight food budget.  With food prices skyrocketing.  I seriously took inventory of what I was getting at the store and how much we ate.  I found out that while my kids love the cheez-its…it never filled them up as a snack.  The three of them could eat the whole box at snack time and still complain of being hungry.  So, all chips, crackers got vetoed in favor of cereal or protein bars.  I favored the bagel and sandwich thins for stuff, but realized they weren’t providing the calories for them.  So now I make my bread or buy the denser stuff.  And I’ve added tons of fresh fruit, veggies and protein shakes.

The good news:  we are still within budget and we are eating way better.

The bad news:  my kids are still hungry.

I’m no longer concerned that they aren’t eating enough.  They are.  They are healthy, thriving and very active kids.  But they have stomachs like their father’s…they are all born grazers.  All of them will happily eat a little something every hour of the day and never eat a full meal.  I have tried to fill them full at meal times…but they are so unused to eating large meals that they can’t hold that much food.  And really, should I try to change this?  Isn’t the current recipe for healthy eating 6 small meals well-balanced?  So that is what we are doing now.  And I am so relieved.

Maybe one day I’ll have a larger food budget for them and this won’t be so difficult to accomplish.  But, for now, this works and I know they are getting the nutrients they need.  I just wish it didn’t require me in the kitchen 6 times a day.



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