What owns you?

We pick up this week in The Organized Heart the chapter on possessions.  Do we possess them or do they possess us?  Do we cling to that which we no longer need/use because we think we will need or use it later on?


After reading this chapter I had very practical application…I cleaned out a few items I knew needed to go in my closet.  I took what I could to the local consignment and I re-purposed an old skirt into one for my daughter.  Yet, while there is certainly great practical steps to make sure what we have we use, what we don’t use gets given, sold, re-purposed etc…there is more to this than outward expression.

God never promises a life free from trouble, but he does promise to always be with us and walk with us through our storms. Plan for the future and ration your resources wisely, but remember that God’s grace alone allows us to get through this life. Serve God and others with open hands and an open heart, trusting in the sovereign God who holds the future.

Eastin, Staci (2011-02-26). The Organized Heart (pp. 57-58). Cruciform Press. Kindle Edition.

Am I trusting in the Sovereign who holds the future or my bank account, 401K, health insurance?  Is it God’s grace that I depend on or do I cling to my technological products?  What owns me?  The love and grace of my savior or the stuff that fills my days?

It’s so hard to face these questions.  There’s a functionality to much of the stuff we have that makes things useful and it’s a subtle seduction to it suddenly becoming needful.  The things God has entrusted me with are tools to be used for His glory…the new couch to welcome family and friends for fellowship.  The new car to provide reliable transportation for those in my family and when possible, a ride for a friend.  But it’s a small step away from owning things to the things owning us.  Maybe it’s time for a heart check?  What owns you?


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