They’re getting big…

This week has been a week of realizing my little ones are no longer little.  It’s funny, as you are with them day in, day out you get accustomed to their size, their ways, their lives.  And then, one random day as you are trying to snuggle with them and they no longer fit comfortably to snuggle, it hits you…they’re big!

As this week has been heating up outside, the kids have found playing inside a cooler option.  With Florida winters, that is our time to be outside playing since it gets too hot to do anything apart from a pool in summer.  So countless hours have been spent daily with them racing around in the back yard, digging in the sandbox and dragging toys to play picnic with.  I have had relatively quiet days and a clean house with them outside, catching up on projects, reading, and some school work.

In contrast, this week, there has been dozens of toys on the floor, rooms destroyed, and the noise level inside the house has overwhelmed me.  It hit me, that my kids aren’t little with little bodies and little voices.  The freeze tag game now inside my house threatens my sanity and their safety as they race faster and in more daring ways.  With the heat of summer fast approaching, I begin to wonder what I will do with them to keep them cool AND outside.  While pools and beaches are all fun, they require packing up, loading up and travel; and neither support any method of productivity for me as I sit there thinking of my own chores to do back at home.  And yet, purchasing of pools or outdoor play equipment is a pricey undertaking.  These questions and debates happen every year as summer approaches here.  Maybe this year we’ll figure out what will be entertaining and cool outside as well as affordable.  Pass along ideas if you have them, friends!



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