Taking time

John has two more weeks of our current schedule; two jobs, days and nights with minimal rest in between.  This coming week we have a cool weather snap which we are hoping to add painting the exterior of the house in on his busy schedule.  So, with quite a few things on the calendar these next two weeks, we decided to luxuriate in a brief morning at the beach with our kids.


It’s been a while since John and I have gotten to be with the kids together and not be doing something.  We sat in the shade of a palm tree in our beach chairs while the kids played 10 feet away and we got to talk.  No iphones, no books or magazines…just laughing at the kids, chatting, and enjoying our surroundings.  

I’m looking forward to having more opportunities to do that with John’s new schedule and new work, but in the meantime…I’m glad we took time.


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