Sippin’ coffee

I am a devoted coffee drinker. When I wake up, I’m already thinking of that first cup. Not necessarily for the caffeine (although it’s helpful), but I love the sipping of coffee. It is my ‘slow’ moment in the rush of my morning. I wish is was my quiet moment too, but with three early rising children, quiet is not typically in the vocabulary.

This morning I’m sitting here, sipping, thinking of the myriad of things on agenda today ranging from a root canal this morning to errands, chores and of course, homeschooling. Much of what I do today will depend on the root canal. This will be my third…my first was easy and painless, my second one was a nightmare of a procedure as well as a painful one. Obviously, I’m hoping it will be like my first one but trying to prepare myself if it’s like the last.

I am thankful that even such things as my concerns over a root canal are okay to lay before God’s throne. By His grace I can endure whether a painless or painful procedure and He knows what the remainder of my day will entail.

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