First Fundraiser

Sabrina is starting her first fundraiser. It’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that she is old enough to detail the fundraiser to friends and family, calling them on the phone or talking to them in person. Where did my little girl go?

The fundraiser is to help her tuition for Classical Conversations next year. Not one to throw away the opportunity to save even a little, I asked if she wanted to do it when I found out she could. She was so excited. Of course, my little social butterfly will take any opportunity to talk to people. As a toddler she’d tell just any adult at the playground the details of her life and what I ate that day for breakfast. If she’d had my social security number she would have been happy to share that too. Fast forward 5 years and she’s ready to disarm you with her smile, her passion and her powers of persuasion…so keep a tight grip on that checkbook! But, if you can’t…at least you will walk away with a box of cards and a bemused grin knowing she just raised money to help her do more school.

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