Being flexible

First off, I’m not.  Flexible that is.  Oh, I’m not talking about stretching (although it’s true there), but I’m talking about schedules, life, daily stuff.  It’s partner in crime is patience…when you put them together you get a fabulous recipe for my sinful nature to come up wailing like a petulant child.

I first heard the mantra of being patient and flexible when I went on a 2 month missions trip to Kazakhstan after college.  If there was a theme for that summer it was being patient and flexible.  As in this is nothing like home, take a deep breath oh my gosh we’re going to die.  When getting a taxi is hitch-hiking, traffic rules are optional animals are slaughtered in the ditch, locusts are your bedmates and most toilets are in the ground…there was a lot of praying and wondering if flexible was even possible.  Yet,  by the end of the summer we slaughtered our own sheep, thought nothing of the taxi or traffic, slept with a flip-flop to squash bugs and used in ground commodes.  And we learned that being patient and flexible can bring the best rewards…in our case, salvation to some and discipleship for others.

Fast forward (ahem) a long time…and I sit here thinking how flexible I still am not.  Having planned my day of errands (a bit of an aggressive list) today, I wasn’t planning on being in my house much.  But children change your plans.  So, what was to be the remainder of my afternoon of errands, has become an afternoon of consequences to 3 children…and a lesson in flexibility for me.  But as my kids are one of my top priorities, I cannot excuse unsafe and blatant disobedience because I have an agenda today.  No matter how much I want to for my own comfort.  Because no one else will train my children in the way they should go (Prov 22:6).

Without God’s grace and His hand upon my heart today, I know I would have made little of my children’s disobedience.  Without Him reminding me of my duty as a mom I would have glossed over it in a desire to get my stuff done instead.  But, in reality, the errands can keep another day, guiding my children in the way of righteousness cannot.  Patience and flexibility.


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