Today marks John’s first day of firefighter orientation.  Which means today marks the first day of adjusting to a whole lot of new things.  The first of which this morning was the realization that my spouse is incapable of being quiet at six in the morning.  Banging plates, dryer doors, singing, eating with all lights blazing while one of the kiddos was sleeping on the couch.  Needless to say, we were all up by 6:15am.  Have I mentioned I don’t like the world before 7am?

The flip side of a too-early morning was my kids being able to eat breakfast with him and see him off to work.  I can see there’s going to be some practical discussion in the near future trying to minimize sleep disruptions in the kids as I have worked very hard to dissuade them from their genetic disposition to think 5am is playtime.  Unfortunately for me, John’s own disposition is the very same.

Now is the adjustment period of a new job and schedule.   It’s a whole new growing process; one that will require God’s grace and love as we iron out details.  It’s a new day, new chapter in our lives and we rejoice in the provision of it, even as we struggle to adjust.


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