The last chapter

As we come to the last chapter in The Organized Heart, we find the “details” to actually get us on the track to organization.  Finding schedules, calendars, routines all find their place here. What would be ironic in a worldly sense, finds its perfect position in a godly sense.  Many secular (and christian) books on organizing deal with the details, yet miss the sins that plague our hearts and lives that cause us to not be organized.  This book has, in my opinion, skillfully dealt with those issues, calling us to look deeper than the I don’t feel like cleaning today or the I need more things to help me be more organized to see the sins of laziness and want of possessions.  It’s the sin in us that disorganize first our hearts and then spills into our lives externally.  Can we force structure externally so it appears all is zen-like and beautiful?  Sure.  But having an organized heart comes from grace and faith in Christ alone…realizing sin, confessing the sins that plague us and walking in faith in Him who saves us.  Then the external structure of our lives comes from the internal peace we have in our Lord.  We can change as the seasons of our lives change.  We can be submissive wives, doing what brings honor and respect to our spouse for God’s glory.  We can juggle the roles God has given us because we have carefully and prayerfully accepted the ones He wants us to have, knowing He provides the strength and grace for it.  It’s not going to be zen-perfection, because that is a facade.  But it will be real, healthy and full of the “abundant” life Jesus came to give us.



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