DIY with the kids

In the midst of several circumstances that have had me crazy busy, I took a brief moment to get a little crafty with my kids.  Typically any crafts I do are kid-free…one of those I don’t have to be Mommy moments I crave.  This one, however, was decidedly kids hands-on and the results were really fun. photo (1)

We made our own DIY bleach design shirts.  There are tons of ways to do these online or on Pinterest.  A clearance plain t-shirt, bleach mix (70%), taped on design/vinyl design and you’re ready to go.  I originally wanted to do the bleach spray version, but as I forgot to get a spray bottle we went with the dab-on with an old rag version.

The results were different for each shirt…depending on the dyes used in them.  Sabrina’s shirt was the greatest surprise; bleaching to a light purple color.  It’s a fun way to personalize some plain tees and tanks that may be lurking in the closet.




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