The Final Count Down

It’s hard to believe Classical Conversations is wrapping up its school year.  With 2 more weeks to go, we’re winding down.  My kids have memorized major historic events from creation to present day, geography locations, science and math facts, history sentences, latin declensions and english vocabulary (definition of a linking verb anyone?).  They have worked hard and earned the lighter summer load.  While we will take some time to review over the next several months, we get  to focus in on our math work, writing and reading…and a never-ending supply of electives.  Typing will again be on our list over the summer along with swim lessons, art work and other fun stuff.

While the kids get a bit of a break, I get the summer to prepare for the new CC community in our area.  As a new director, there are a ton of things I have to learn and a lot of relationships to build.  I am very excited that God has blessed me with this opportunity to be stretched and even more grateful that the busiest time I have as a director is when the community is on vacation!  So while the kids make their final countdown for this year, I’m counting down the summer weeks in preparation for fall.


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