Beautiful labels

It’s been just over a year now that I have been making my own jams.  I love it.  There is nothing like opening a jar of absolute taste-bud heaven!  I like that the recipes are fairly simply, I don’t need a lot of special equipment and that the results are so wonderful.  What I have never liked is labeling them.  Some jars will come with a sticky label, but most don’t.  I’m always searching Pinterest or the web for cute label templates only to find them poorly editable or too large or they cost money in the end.  I will look no farther!

photo (3)


Aren’t they pretty?  I love that Jam Labelizer makes it so very simple to make a label.  If you don’t have self-adhesive paper, it’s not a problem.  Just print, cut out and glue to lid.  You can adjust the size to fit your jar, you can save what you’ve designed if you have a signature something that you always need a label for, and you can pick a few colors to make it pretty.  I’m thinking homemade vanilla, jams, salsa, syrups and dry mixes can get a pretty face lift for birthdays, anniversaries, thank you’s and Christmas.  Try it out yourself!  There’s no limit to the possibilities!





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