I’m not a big fan of television.  Oh, I have a few shows I diligently dish out 7$/month for on Hulu Plus so I can stay current…Once Upon a Time, Revolution (last season), and in my weaker moments of needing kids breaking out into song and dance-old seasons of Glee (so ashamed).  But, we don’t have cable, and haven’t in a long time.  My only exposure to what new shows or what commercials are like is when my father records Duck Dynasty for us…and I cringe at all the horror series commercials…frantically trying to mute and fast forward since my kids are watching with me.

But, I love movies.  Repeat, ad-nauseaum.  I’m the one who watches it til I know every line.  Usually because I’m multi-tasking, but also because I just love them.  So recently, I was reminded of some great movies of the past that just got lost in the dust of time.  And I’m determined to watch them all again.  What’s on my list?

Indian Jones (all)

Jurassic Park

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Dances with Wolves

Sixth Sense


Shawshank Redemption



Independence Day

Terminator 2

Batman (the original)

Back to the Future

Top Gun

–Grab the popcorn and turn off the lights…it’s going to be a movie night!

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