IMG_9163Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture 
And save it from the funny tricks of time 
Slipping through my fingers…

This Abba song has haunted me ever since I’ve heard it.  I cry when I watch Mamma Mia with my daughter and they sing it.  As I try to hold tight to the last precious moments of my children’s littleness, I struggle with the knowledge that big kid bodies don’t snuggle and lay their head on me as often as their little ones did.  Perhaps that is why they youngest in a family is always just a bit more spoiled…we are hit with the realization that this is it for a while…no new baby smells, no baby soft skin, no heavy sleepy bodies resting on us in complete trust and love.  And we hold on as tightly as we can to each moment trying to rescue it from time.  I’ve gone through it with each one of my children and am in the final stages with my youngest…who occasionally will still climb on me and sit contentedly for a few minutes.  But I can’t stop time.

Grab a tissue and listen:  Mamma Mia Abba song


Idolatry.  Sounds like such an outdated word.  I mean, most of us don’t have little statues of gods we bow down to.  Our society has banished most of those in favor for idols that don’t have bodies.  Greed.  Lust.  Pleasure.  Fear.  Pride.  And most would say on some moral basis these are bad and should be held in check.  But oftentimes they are celebrated and embraced in the subtle lies we tell ourselves and others.  One of the biggest lie we women tell ourselves is forever displayed in a movie scene many will know.  It’s the one all the women sigh at and then glare at their spouse/boyfriend and scream in the back of their head Why don’t you tell me that?

Jerry McGuire.  You complete me.

Movie writers are fantastic at pulling our heart-strings and revealing idols for us.  And women fall for it every time.  We long for a man to tell us things like that.  To save us.  To woo us.  To treat us like the princess in every Disney movie told.  And with this unrealistic, unbiblical and sinful expectation, is it any wonder why women drive away their husbands?  No man can live up to that expectation.  Because it’s an idol.

We have a Lover.  We have a Knight in shining armor to rescue us.  We have Someone who was willing to die for us.  And He whispers hundreds of promises to us:  I will never leave you.  I love you.  You are Mine.  When we try to put our spouses in that place where Jesus is, to expect of them and demand of them something they cannot do, we are bowing to an idol.  And deep down, both you and your spouse know it can’t work; you slowly tear one another apart.  Nothing can be a substitute for Jesus.

Immorality springs from an idolatrous heart … it is the heart seeking satisfaction in places other than in Christ. It is the subtle exchanging of One for another, the exchange of God for something less … far less.

Wagner, Kimberly (2012-08-24). Fierce Women: The Power of a Soft Warrior (p. 78). Moody Publishers. Kindle Edition.




It’s been one of those mornings where pajamas and cartoons have ruled.  With my nose buried in a good book, I’ve allowed my children their fill of Curious George, Transformers and Wonder Pets.  Some days, you just need the break.

Yesterday we were blessed with a large free order of steaks.  And I do mean blessed…not only in it being free but in its size and quality.  A bulk order was refused by a customer but it could not be shipped back to the processing company in time before spoilage.  A friend of mine was given the call to offer the meat to her and she called me to share it.  The down-side was it was up in Tampa and between the 2 of us we have 5 children.  Luckily, she has a van and we spent our Wednesday driving up there and back and then butchered together the 4 racks of 20 rib sections in my kitchen.  It was one of those days where my kids sacrificed their fun time for the understanding of homemaking and providing for our family.  It was a great lesson for my daughter, who got to see that as a mother and homemaker sometimes an opportunity comes to provide for your family but it requires effort and sacrifice.  She watched us make the drive, helped us entertain the little ones and observed my friend and I as we researched ways to cut the meat and struggle with it.  And she got to taste the results of it.

Opportunities like I had yesterday are more than a blessing for my pocket-book or my family’s stomach.  It’s a way to declare the wonders of God to the next generation…how He has provided us with the means to richly feed our family but also to share that with others in fellowship.  It’s one of the moments I rejoice in homeschooling not because I can choose my curriculum or protect my children from harmful influences but because they get to see and partake of the roles they will one day have.  She will, Lord willing, one day be a wife and mother.  And while I am not a perfect homemaker, wife or mother, she will have watched and been a part of many experiences to help shape her in those roles.  My boys were a part of it all as well, and while younger and less observant, these examples will continue to be before them.  They will have more wisdom to pursue a woman who will work and sacrifice as a wife than just a pretty face.  They may not choose it, but they will have it nonetheless.

It’s been a week of many, many blessings and I praise God for them.  He is faithful, ever faithful.