Destructively Fierce

This chapter in Fierce Woman is a snap-shot of my heart and personality outside of Christ.  I am, naturally, destructively fierce.  She lists some excellent “qualities” of this kind of woman:

-She’s her own authority

-Never satisfied.

-Power hungry, belligerent and always pushing her own agenda.

-Confrontation is for personal gain and her approach is demeaning.

-A life of subtle manipulation.

Sounds like someone you want to be around, right?  Yeah, no wonder people would later tell me I was “intimidating”.  This kind of woman is fierce, but not in a godly, loving way.  She wields her principles like a baseball bat and compassion is not in her playbook.  Such was I.  Even after salvation, these characteristics took many, many years to see and apply grace to…and perfection of it will not be until heaven.  This kind of woman can wreak havoc on the men in her life…particularly her husband… by smothering, manipulating, criticising, and using sarcasm.  This woman can be mysterious and alluring and men may enjoy her for a moment but not for long (Prov 12:4, 19:13, 21:9, 27:5).  Some personalities tend more to this than others, but all women can be this force of destruction.  We can all tear down, seek our own wants and push our agenda.  The only answer is the forgiveness found at the cross and the grace in which we can cry out, Abba Father! to help us become more like Him.


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