Classical Conversations End of Year

Yesterday was the last day of Cycle 1 in Classical Conversations.  Another year of history facts, timeline details, science tid-bits and english and latin memorized.  But one of the biggest things we do each year is memorize scripture as a whole group.  This year we worked on Exodus 20:1-17 which many know as the Ten Commandments.  Yet, we memorized this in full format, not summarized and our kids showed off all their hard work in our End of Year Program for family and friends.  It was a tearful event to realize that these kids have such a storehouse of truth tucked in their minds for present and future grace at work in their lives.  You can view our kids here.  (We learned the song and signs from here.)

IMG_0986The older kids also got to demonstrate their Faces of History.  Each 4th-6th grader is required to present a first person report or dramatic representation of a character from history.  We had Cleopatra, Constantine, Gandhi, Elisabeth Elliot, Napoleon and many more.  These are hard-working kids and they all did a great job.

At the end of our day there was a party/fundraiser at the local kid’s joint…water bumper boats, mini carnival rides, go karts and putt-put made the end of the year just that much more exciting.  IMG_0995

My kids will still have school during the summer but we are looking forward to a lighter load in preparation for Cycle 2 coming in August!


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