Just breathe.  I keep telling myself that as I feel like I’m hurtling towards my future as director of Classical Conversations.  You have to understand, the whole multi-tasking, organizing, keeping track of things, the details…I used to be really good at it.  Then I had kids.  And stayed home.  Now my details and multi-tasking involves who has clean under-ware and is there food in the fridge.  Oh I know, it’s more than that…but life doesn’t end if I overlook something or don’t have time to get to the laundry.  My boys think the whole under-ware free thing is cool.  And my kids have never complained when snack is toast.

But now?  I’m in full-blown get-ready-cuz-your-community-is-half-full panic attack.  Details, schedules, ideas….a never ending supply of those!  And all in the midst of my normal shuffling of clothes, kids, school (yes, we still school through summer) and well, life!  I feel like the juggler who got good at juggling 12 things but then 4 extra balls got tossed in and they all are crashing around me.

So.  I sit. I breathe.  And then I remind myself that God’s grace abounds.  Oh, I confess…I just feel the chaos and demands that are bigger than me right now, but God’s truth trumps emotions.  So to the truth I have to cling.  I believe God has called me to this, so in His Grace, He will equip me for it.


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