On the mend…

Well, after three and a half weeks of a slow-moving upper respiratory virus, we are officially on the mend.  The cough still lingers and we all exhaust just a bit earlier than normal but we are out and about.  I am very thankful as I am not one of those mothers who can stay home multiple days in a row.  I get cabin fever very quickly!

lovebugs_other_lgIt seems that in celebration of our return to the outdoors, our favorite Florida bug has come out to join us.  That would be the fabulous Love Bug.  No, not Herbie.  If you have no idea on what these little beasts are…count yourself blessed.  Every spring we get these in swarms and because the are ummm…attached…they don’t pay a whole lot of attention to where they fly or where they land.  Just walking out my trash can lead to my inadvertently picking up on my person 20 or 30 of these guys.  I was lucky today to only have 10 but as they have just started their mating swarms, I’m sure it’ll pick up.  This will make pools, parks and playgrounds in the area possibly off-limits.  Because, while they don’t bite, it’s hard explaining to a 4-year-old that the 20 bugs landing on him are not a problem.  Because, really, it is.  Yuk.


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