IMG_9163Sometimes I wish that I could freeze the picture 
And save it from the funny tricks of time 
Slipping through my fingers…

This Abba song has haunted me ever since I’ve heard it.  I cry when I watch Mamma Mia with my daughter and they sing it.  As I try to hold tight to the last precious moments of my children’s littleness, I struggle with the knowledge that big kid bodies don’t snuggle and lay their head on me as often as their little ones did.  Perhaps that is why they youngest in a family is always just a bit more spoiled…we are hit with the realization that this is it for a while…no new baby smells, no baby soft skin, no heavy sleepy bodies resting on us in complete trust and love.  And we hold on as tightly as we can to each moment trying to rescue it from time.  I’ve gone through it with each one of my children and am in the final stages with my youngest…who occasionally will still climb on me and sit contentedly for a few minutes.  But I can’t stop time.

Grab a tissue and listen:  Mamma Mia Abba song


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