63b3c2e76a976c26cdb615b7a88cdebfThey do exist.  They’re on my patio in the cute forms of “Sabrina” and “Isaac”. Technically, they are hamsters…but let’s be real here.  They are rodents.  As in mice, rats, and ROUS’s.

Over the weekend my in-laws introduced my kids to these furry creatures that they got in a garage sale.  Four hamsters, four young grand-kids so they were naturally all named for the kids.  Talk about a hit.  My daughter never let her’s go.  Since she was so enamored and she has proven her responsibility skills, I proceeded in talking my husband to letting us take one home.  Which became 2 since he let Isaac bring his too.  It’s been quite funny watching my kids take care of them…they’ve been peed and poo’d on.  They feed them, clean them and in Jacob’s case, terrorize them.

Those poor little beasts earn their sleep.  But I guess it’s better than being eaten by a snake.




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