I am a very graceless person.  Not to be confused with the biblical grace.   Klutzy.  Awkward.  Clumsy. I have spacial difficulties…as in not being able to always recognize where my body begins and the corner of the coffee table ends.  I’ve never taken a video of myself running, but I’m pretty sure I’m hilarious.  The only think I look relatively graceful in is swimming, but I think that has to do with the whole buoyancy thing.

So, here’s the laughable part.  I’m trying to learn to longboard.  Yeah.  ER trips will be coming my way I’m sure.  Still, I’m bored.  I’m running out of hobbies that I like to do for short periods of time or with other people.  I like to read…but I get consumed and can’t eat or sleep until the book is finished.  Not exactly something to do with people around.  I sometimes like to sew but again…not a very social thing.  My hubby and my kids all like to skate and I initially thought I’d die if I tried it.  I was on my husband’s longboard for all of 30 seconds before I completely lost my balance.  But a few days ago we were wandering his second favorite store, Ron Jon Surf Shop, and he pulled out a few of theirs for me to stand on.  In the process, I found one that I actually thought I might not kill myself on.  And suddenly, I realized we could all be doing this as a family thing.  Of course, if I don’t learn to, we are wasting some sizable cash on a board.  Those things aren’t cheap and they don’t let you take them for a test drive.  So, the last 2 days, I’ve been practicing on my husbands.  He’s tightened the wheels so I can’t turn…otherwise I just fall right off.  But, I can actually go.  Not fast.  Not pretty, like him.  The man’s got more natural grace than dancers on a stage, darn him.  But, maybe, just maybe, I can do this.

If you see me…it’s okay to laugh.


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