A quick gasp!

I’m coming up for air!  Today is my 1 day of chores, preparations and NOT doing a bunch  out of the house stuff for another week.  With a friend’s visit the last 4 days and late-planned family visiting tomorrow for about a week, I’m racing to get ready!  Amidst the friends and family, my girlie is also in final prep for her year-end ballet recital.  With all day rehearsal tomorrow and showtime on Sunday afternoon, there’s last-minute costume adjustments and spare tights to get.

Yet I’m super excited about my brother and his family coming.  They live out in Texas, far from the rest of us.  The original plan was for them to go out first and my parents and my family would follow.  God has a way of changing our plans, so it ended up that it’s just them out there.  It’s a long trip to go either way.  I can’t make it often enough for my tastes…I have 2 nephews over there that match my kids ages and they play fabulously together.  I’m thankful for the break in their work that allows them to come our way, even as I begin to think about winter time and wanting to come visit them next.

Here’s to round two of beaches, parks and pools!


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