A really great day

For me, the measure of my need for a getaway with my hubby is how long did it take me to stop talking/thinking about the kids.  I remember reading somewhere that it takes most moms a minimum of 24 hours without her children to stop thinking or talking about them.  I’m not sure how true the actual time frame is, but I do know I’ve been guilty of spending several hours of a date night discussing my children instead of talking to my husband as the love of my life.  Suffice it to say, this little getaway, I really didn’t discuss my kiddos nor was I concerned about my having a good time without them.  Gasp!

Actually, it was fabulous.  Dinner at a fancy restaurant without having to navigate the children’s menu…sleeping in and walking around the house in various stages of undress, taking a road trip and getting lost amongst beautiful houses and tiny roads without hearing “Are we there yet”?  Drooling over new cars and dreaming about the future on a random car lot without the kids chiming in on what they want in a new car.  Paddleboarding for the first time and enjoying the outdoors.  Going to see a movie in the movie theater.  All in all, a wonderful day of really re-connecting with my husband and remembering why I love him in the first place.  The running of a family and the management of the home requires a lot of communication between us about all kinds of things, but not necessarily about us as people.  This was a chance to focus not on the tasks of our lives but on the each other.  And we redeemed every moment.

I’m back chasing the kids, trying to cram chores and school and the huge mountain of new director training coming my way in the hours given me.  I’m still overwhelmed and a bit crabby at my lack of adjusting well to new things, but the getaway reminded me I’m not alone.  And that makes for a really great day.



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