A life restrained…

When I met my husband, he informed me that if I could grasp two facts about him, we’d have the “perfect” relationship.  The first is that he lives his life 98% restrained (this is actually quite shocking but true) and that 98% of what he says is baloney.

After 10 years of perfection (ahem), I still hold these facts in my mind whilst dealing with my spouse.  Sometimes, he gets daring and lives his life only 97% restrained and the children or I wind up with bruises from hugs too hard or tickling gone wrong.  I’ve observed objects where he lost more than half his restraint in epic mechanical failure and those objects are usually unrecognizable afterwards.  For the dad who thinks arming his children with boxing gloves and head-gear and yelling go hit your brother! is good entertainment…restraint is good.

I do believe that his estimation on the baloney-factor is a bit off.  I actually think he is more truthful in his responses now than when we met…which is not necessarily a good thing.  If your actions generally need high restraint, you can darn well bet so does your vocabulary.  This was displayed most recently this week with us at the movies. Catastrophe arose in Star Trek when 10 minutes to the end, the power went out in the theater.  After a good 10 minutes of waiting for a re-start, the audience began to mumble around us.  Hubby also began to mumble….at the audience and their ridiculousness.  (We live in Florida, power can go out daily with our thunderstorms).  After listening to everyone around me, I finally turned to him and whispered Do you know how to be quiet?  Everyone around us can hear your comments about them!  To which my loving, less than 98% restrained man said I don’t care if they hear me!  They are being ridiculous! ….And no, I’m not going to get in a fight.  (Because I’ve told him that a lot in our 10 years).

I love my perfect man.  And he was right…no fight…but I think that was because everyone left the theater before we did.




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