The elastic waistband

I’m old. It’s official. I’ve had hints of my oldness in the past…singing songs to teens in my car and realizing they weren’t born yet (I’m just “Gettin’ Jiggy wit it!”). Watching the repeats and three-peats on shows I watched as a kid (how many more Superman’s can we have?). But, really, my age is showing in the fact that I now am a HUGE fan of the elastic waistband.

I’m sick of sucking it in. I’m tired of the too-tight waistband (but fitting everywhere else) pants that leave me with a muffin top. I’m tired of going through my closet every month during that time and having nothing that fits. I’m a tall girl…my typical monthly weight flux is anywhere between 5-10 pounds…which effectively changes my waistline from 12 to 14. And since I’m realistic about what fits on my body (ahem), I’ve decided that my new, go to summer wardrobe is athletic gear.

First off…elastic. Amen, people. There’s ugly elastic and then there’s I’m hip enough to not wear pajamas so yoga gear is it elastic. Second, if I buy in to the ads, then I’m a cool, trendy, stretchy, sporty chic that has nothing to do all day but work on yoga in the morning, a little backhand work at the tennis courts in the afternoon and sip Starbucks no-fat whatchamacallit’s in between. Yeah. That is SO me. It’s more like the slightly sweaty (I’m in Florida folks, it’s always sweaty here), semi-frazzled mom racing to errands, three kids in tow and trying to make an effort to look quasi-presentable to the public. I mean, when you’re a stay at home mom, there is no office dress code. You kinda spiral into this whole pajama wearing, never do your hair, who needs make-up when your around 3 year olds all day routine. Hence the need for athletic gear. It’s not pajamas. There are cute ones out there. And when you wear it, ponytail hair looks right, not I did nothing to my hair today.

So…those that see me sportin’ the look…remember I’m just a cool, hip, trendy gal working on by back hand and sippin’ Starbucks. Yep.


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