Land paddling

Mother’s Day showered me with a new long board, which I have been practicing but I lack the grace and flow that true athletes have to make an activity look easy. I’m pretty painful to watch. What helped my long board moves the most was a 2 hour SUP trip with my hubby on our anniversary. Shortly after, I pulled out my board and got on to find I was much more confident on it from my SUP experience. With paddle boards being upwards 600$ it’s a hobby a bit outside my range right now. But guess what. You can do it on land…

After seeing something that looked like a wheeled paddle pole for a skateboard, I had to find out what the deal was. Enter the world of YouTube and land paddling. Oh yeah. SUP without the water. I didn’t want to shell out the 70+$ for the paddle pole. Because I’m a nerd and because I married a DIY nerd…my first thought was How could John make me this? Again…YouTube to the rescue. Long painters pole, head of a rubber mallet and a pvc T-tube and I am in business.

I could tell you that it’s an awesome workout for your core and upper body. I could tell you it’s great for balance. But, in the end…it’s crazy fun and even a nerd like me can do it.




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