Cow day

Yesterday was CFA’s Appreciation Day.  The day of ultimate silliness in dressing like a cow and getting free chicken.  We love it.

cow kidsI almost missed it this year as I haven’t been paying much attention to the outside world.  Juggling summer homeschooling, summer play, chores/tasks that got thrown out the window from 2 weeks of illness and some Classical Conversations director training and work…well, looking up the freebies I typically do just got pushed right off the table.  Luckily for me, a fab friend invited me on Facebook for it so I had a good 48 hours heads up.  Plenty of time to whip up a costume for us all.  Paper spots, draw a nose….ohhh, what to do for ears?  I’m always at a loss for the cow ears.  They don’t go on well on a girl’s headband and I couldn’t get my boys to wear that anyway.  After some closet scrounging, I located a few hats and a sports headband that my hubby got for free after his last Tough Mudder race.  So, Jake went as a “gangsta cow”, my daughter went as a “princess cow” while Isaac went as a “Tough Mudder” cow.  Me?  I was a reporter cow.  We had a great time…hitting CFA before the lunch crowd so we got in and got a seat before the happy swarm of little cows came.

cow mom


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