Time keeps on ticking…

424519_3532927927762_377194890_nMy youngest turned five this weekend.  Suddenly, there’s no more baby hands or baby chub around the kid legs constantly in motion.  Words are clear and coherent.  Hours are spent in building Lego trains, drawing trains, learning to play the Wii with big brother and sister.  The only stubborn traces of babyhood are in his love of his blanket and the two fingers that find their way to his mouth when he’s tired.

I never dreamed of motherhood until after I was married.  Kids were never in my picture.  Certainly never 3 of them.  Yet God has a way of changing plans, rearranging goals and creating new dreams.  And I am so very glad He did.  I cannot imagine my life without these blessings He has given me.292279_10200997546006726_730827504_n


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