This week a decision has been made.  One that has been a long time in coming.

Why so long?  Why am I hesitant?  Well, I’m about to give you an insider’s view to my family.  And the subject is controversial for so many.  It is for me.  It’s why I’ve taken so long to really observe.  The knee-jerk reaction is for some to say something ugly, offensively or defensively.  And as I walk this offensive/defensive line…I want friends with me.  These things have not been easy to see and upon seeing, not easy to make decisions on.

So here we go:   I have determined, over 6 months of observations and trying to change my home school approach, that my fabulous boy is truly ADD 1.  ADD has been quickly buried under his more hyper brother ADHD.  If you don’t know the difference, you can get a good idea here.

Isaac is my reluctant learner.  It’s a chore and a task and he can make an escape out of anything, even a blank piece of paper.  But he’s so smart!  If reading wasn’t holding him back, he’d be a grade ahead in math and digging in deep on practical aspects of science and mechanics.  But, to read and write?   We have hit critical mass.  His difficulty learning is finally impeding his daily life.  It has taken me over the last year to teach him how to read 3 letter words and each exercise is painfully drawn out and discouraging to him.  Writing a single sentence can take 30-40 minutes.  And it’s ruining his motivation to learn.

This has really been the motivator for me to try to do something.  His discouragement, his reluctance to try, and his suffering in just learning has given me the understanding that I need to find a way to help him be successful.  I don’t plan on making a big deal of this.  I’m probably not going to be talking about this with my pediatrician in great detail.  Bottom line, I don’t want to take the risk at this point in the contemporary medications available.  For most of them, the side effects are fairly detrimental.  Many are more geared towards the hyperactivity side of things, which is not really the case for us.

So I’m trying something more natural.  Will it work?  I don’t know.  As with all natural, herbal or supplemental products, formal testing is not generally done.  My nursing background makes me leery of such things but I cannot deny the testimonies of other who have tried these alternative methods successfully.  And if it helps my boy gain a bit of confidence in his learning…if it takes the discouragement out of trying to do the hard things…then I want to be willing to try.  He is fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am truly blessed to have him as my son and to know his struggles and difficulties so well and for there to be avenues to help him…well, it is blessings upon blessings.

Bless the Lord, O my soul,

and all that is within me,

bless his holy name!  Psalm 103:1


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