One day of football

I’m amazingly blessed.  I don’t lose my hubby to football season.  Or basketball.  Or soccer.  Or hockey.  In fact, I don’t think in the 10 years we’ve been married, we’ve ever watched a full football game together.  I think we’ve seen a few partials…usually Denver Broncos at my parent’s house, but all in all..I consider myself extremely fortunate that my spouse is as uninterested in team sports as I am.

Except for yesterday.  It’s my one day.  Because it was Bama vs Aggies day.  And yeah…the Tide Rolled in one heck of a game.  But what makes me watch the game is not necessarily my love of Alabama…and certainly not a love of football.  I can’t tell you what makes it a first and ten vs a well…whatever.  I can follow pretty well though for a highly uneducated sports viewer.  But my motivation to watch and root for my team in this particular game, is the very well-behaved rivalry between my pastors’ families.  See, with one pastor from TAMU and our other pastor from Alabama…you can imagine that when this game goes down, the Facebook feed blows up.  And there’s nothing like a bunch of good-hearted smack talk to get you in the mood to yell at players on a tv (or computer) screen.  And take credit for the score as if you did it yourself!

It’s my one day of football.  But the best thing about it is showing up to church the next day and everyone loving on each other with laughs, quips and light-heartedness.  And knowing we’ll all do it again next year.


3 thoughts on “One day of football

    • Well, shucks!! I’m all embarrassed! Thanks girlie! I’m not sure if I have 10 blogs I follow but I’ll work on responding to it! Really cool!

      I’ve been checking out your stuff too and you have a gift with words! Keep it up and enjoy every minute of it!

      • I was all embarassed too!! I only nominated 6 and I think participation is voluntary but it’s really neat!!!!!! You surely deserve it!! 🙂

        And thank you for your kind words about mine! ❤

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