Praise for improvements

Two weeks ago I posted about our son’s probable ADD and our decision to try some alternative methods to help him.  It was a hard decision and one that surprisingly a lot of people in my sphere have made, all unknown to me.  It’s been very encouraging to hear stories of others, to ask questions and see what is working for their children as we all work to make the best of a fallen world.  Instead of judgement, I found a lot of sympathetic ears and hearts.  Truly, I’m blessed by it.

Most of the herbal/vitamin supplements geared towards helping in this have a cautionary rule of waiting a two-week period before making any final judgements on how well it is working.  The basis of this is due to it taking the body that long to accumulate an increasing amount of these supplements to help offset any physiological imbalance.  I found my experience in this to be fairly accurate although I could see incremental improvements through-out this time frame.  I have been amazed and awed at some of the changes in my son as he’s been taking “Focus for Children” and a good Omega-3, supplements I found at our local health food store.  Today was probably the biggest achievement he has made.  Handwriting for him has always been one of the hardest tasks for him to stick with, thirty minutes to copy at 6-7 word sentence was his typical pace.  Frequently, it’s taken more than an hour.  Imagine then my surprise when sitting in church this morning he voluntarily, willingly and without any encouragement from me, sat and wrote in his notebook all the numbers between 1-100 and the full alphabet, taking care to do his best on each one.   I’ve had his sunday school teachers comment on his new desire to write everything he’s supposed to, instead of letting another student do it for him.  We’ve sat and breezed through reading lessons with minimal distraction and greater confidence than I’ve ever seen in him.

I’m not claiming a miracle drug.  I’m not saying there still won’t be difficult days or problems or that this may one day no longer work for us.  But as someone who was skeptical in the first place but desperate to help my son, I needed someone to say hey, I tried this and it worked for us.  Maybe, if you’re in the same boat I was, having a place to start will help you too.  We’re all created uniquely and not everything will work for everyone, but I’m really encouraged by our progress.  And I praise God for every smile on my son’s face when he’s accomplished his goal.


2 thoughts on “Praise for improvements

  1. Danea says:

    That is great! I have been researching things on this too. Can you and me the names of the two things he is taking? Did you get them at Mother Earth?

    • Yes! We’re doing a kids DHA (there’s lots out there, ours gives 200mg of DHA) and Focus for Children from Solaray. I did get it at Mother Earth and they sell it on Amazon too. It doesn’t have an ingredient for hyperactivity because we didn’t need it but there are some with that included if you think you do.

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