Dear Lego…

Dear Lego,

I admit that I curse your name in the dark of night when I step on your hidden form.  I confess that I have occasionally  frequently vacuumed you as you sit there instead of picking you up.  I have been the woman who has broken her vow to never again spend so much money on so tiny of a thing.  And yet…


I really do love you.  I love you for the way you provide my children with endless constructive opportunities.  I love that your Lego heads have different faces.  I love that instead of legs, you can get mermaid tails, to the delight of little girls everywhere.  I love that you have built your empire of comic book, pop culture, civil hero and animal characters. I adore your blocky form…a Lego shark is just so awesome.  While I may hate being called upon as a parent to find Iron Man’s helmet in the midst of 3,000 pieces or hunt diligently for that single replacement piece to complete the set I accidentally on purpose vacuumed a week ago, I love you.  You bring sanity to rainy days, hurricane days, too hot to be outside days.  You provide the ability for my children to be Godzilla in the midst of the town they created without damaging my house, going to jail or being forever grounded.  I love you even if I have to bring out sharp pointy objects to help them get those itty-bitty pieces un-stuck.  I promise that is under my supervision at all times.

You are number one from the minute kids stop putting toys in their mouth.  Creative.  Educational.  Fun.  Non-electronic.  Where would my days as mom be without you, Lego?  I hope I never have to find out…

Forever yours,

Mother of 3


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