Just a bit anti-social…

I know.  It’s been a while.  But if you’d look across my facebook page…well, you’d know the ol’ blog isn’t the only thing that’s been gathering cob-webs.

I’m in a bit of an anti-social media funk.

Time is getting a bit more precious as I’m juggling some bigger challenges.  My kids are engaging more time as we wrestle (literally at times) over school work and staying on task.  My computer use has been dominated by house research (which is pretty much NOT happening) or the work I do for Classical Conversations.

Sometimes, life is bigger than a blog post.  Or a facebook status.  Sometimes, I just can’t make the words come together in a logical way.  And honestly, there’s enough posts and blogs out there with confident, the-sun-is-always-shining moments documented for all to see.  Maybe I just wanted to keep my moments…well, mine.

Maybe a bit selfish.  But, sometimes I’m like that.  It won’t last forever, and as this whirlwind of thoughts and enjoyments settle down…I’ll be back.


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