A much needed break

I have thoroughly enjoyed my Thanksgiving break.  In a rare form of celestial alignment, my husband had 3 days off in a row.  This called for lazy days filled with kid-wrestling, snuggles and a general disregard to all things called chores.  Books were read, kids played, and we all enjoyed afternoons outside with crisp air and bright sunshine…one of the perks of Florida living.  Time was spent with extended family. A cold night around an outside fire with friends was enjoyed.  Along with s’mores.

For perhaps the first time, the holidays slowed things down.  Instead of rushing around, or trying to be the perfect hostess or the homeschooling mom, I just let it all go in favor of enjoyment.

I wasn’t late this year with my advent calendar.  I finally obtained The Elf on the Shelf in time to use it.  I have a plan for sharing advent with my children (which still depends on me actually implementing it).  I’ve sat with my kids and watched a dozen of holiday movie from The Polar Express to Charlie Brown.

Isn’t this what being a parent is about?  Isn’t this the reward of it?  Sure, there’s battles and struggles and tough decisions that make it suck, but it’s this kind of stuff that reminds me that I have been chosen to shepherd souls…not just manage people.  It’s creating memories that will stick with them.  Memories that will stick with me.

Come Monday, I’ll be homeschooling again.  The cycle of our lives will continue and move forward.  But I hope that the effects of this time will linger.  That I’ll take time to enjoy what I’ve been given…because I’ve been given much.


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