Silent night…

With three kids, I never get a silent night.  Yet, for Christmas this year, I got to have as close to one as my family possibly could.  This year, our Christmas was just a bit different.

Blessed with both sets of family down for the holidays, there was a whirlwind of happy cousins, playing, swimming (it IS Florida, people) and early gift giving.  There were songs sung, games played, bible verses meditated upon and well, just the busy-ness that comes with the season and family.

But Christmas day was an odd day.  With my firefighter hubby, he had to work.  Not a big deal, we just moved up our Christmas day to the 24th.  But that made the 25th a day of stillness.  The turkey had been done.  Leftovers were ready.  No stores to go to meant no errands to run.  And all the presents opened meant my kids had an ample supply of new toys to entertain themselves.  I found the stillness…the quiet contentment of the day extremely refreshing.  There was no hustle and bustle.  No “have to’s”.  Pajamas were the rule until lunch time.  And even though I opted to spend the afternoon with other family members, it was for the cousins to play and then chill in front of a movie.  In the silence that was produced, I was able to enjoy a book without interruption.  Such things are a treasure indeed.

I may not have the ability to repeat this next year…but if I can, I will.  For me, I found it much easier to meditate on the truth of the season when I wasn’t running around preparing for everything else.



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