Delights and Surprises


If you know me, you’ve probably heard me complain about living in SW Florida.  If you know my hubby, I’m sure he’s made his distaste for this place known to you as well.  We’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to get out of Florida for years.  For whatever God’s providential reasons, this is where we are and we’ve spent the last year trying to shake off our discontentment and try to enjoy what we do have here.  While crazy heat, humidity, flat lands and beaches are not our thing…we’ve found that kayaking, SUP, and our developing relationships with friends and our family are worthy of enjoying.

10268582_10203705950835154_6948292242184439554_nYet, it was truly a delight to go visit some place more geographically to our liking.  John and I both love North Carolina, with its deciduous forests, hills, mountains, and true seasons.  My kids, the Florida children they are, have no experience with these things.  Cold to them is 50 degrees.  A hill is the bulge of the septic tank in the yard.  And their only understanding of seasons is wet season and dry season.

They loved it.  Of course, for my children, their excitement for NC was not the land, but the cousins we stayed with.  Did you ever have a cousin you idolized?  Maybe just a few years older than you, super cool in your mind, and gosh…you wanted to be just like them?  These are those cousins and it was delightful to watch my kids be so easily entertained by them.  My boy, Isaac, was very clear in saying he was going to stay there forever and we could mail his clothes.

They played.  We hiked.  We got hot, we got cold.  We dressed in layers.  We were 5 minutes from stores and 5 10256895_10203705947475070_4614461834407590344_nminutes from the country.  It was a wonderful place.

On our way home, we talked about moving.  We talked about pros and cons.  And for once, surprisingly, we both had true cons to moving.  This year, we’ve made some very real personal investments in our lives here…and we would be sad to lose them.  It was good, in this way, to see how we have grown in this area of our lives.  We decided to leave it in the Lord’s hands for our future.  But we plan on visiting North Carolina very soon.

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