Smooth move

It seems like ages ago I had both the time, the fore-thought and the fiscal ability to do bulk freezer meals.  And while I still hold to the fact that it’s a great time saving endeavor…well…you have to have the time, fore-thought and fiscal ability to do so.

Is anyone else reeling from grocery prices?  I’ve been an extreme coupon person in the past and still shop the BOGOs and sale items weekly, but as our family has endeavored to eat healthier and simpler, there’s not as many ways to save on breads, dairy and fresh stuff.  And don’t get me started about meat prices…to my children’s dismay beans are becoming quite a staple in our weekly meals.

But, as I’ve been lately trying to limit my Facebook activity, I’ve been on Pinterest a lot.  I know…not really curbing the online habit there, just substituting.  Give me credit for the attempt, people.  Anywho….I had my green-smoothie mind blown on Pinterest a few days ago.  Pre-made smoothie packets in the freezer.  Who knew?  I mean, sure fruit can be frozen but chard, spinach, and other greenies?  I’ve lately been snagging these little smoothies as my lunch (not that my waist shows it) and the thought of just dumping a freezer bag in the blender is my kind of cooking.  In case you haven’t checked my blog out before, I’m not a chef.  I’m not a baker.  I’m not much of any good in the kitchen…anything tasting good is a sheer miracle of chance.  That I can sometimes repeat.  On a good day.

IMG_2432So, with today’s fresh produce run to Costco and seeing mounds of grapes, raspberries, and blueberries for happy-dancing prices…I planned a smooth move line up.  With two weeks of these little guys ready, maybe my waist-line will get the hint.  If not, at least I can say I’m getting all the fresh goodies to be healthy.  IMG_2433

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