On Island Time

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.13.44 PMI’m officially on island time.  Today, we traveled over the “fishingest bridge in the world” through Matlacha (rhymes with Oh! What a beautiful day!) on to Pine Island.  It’s a stay-cation and we’re housesitting for my folks in what I believe is the best house and neighborhood for kids.

With bikes on stand-by and a cheap slip n’ slide for the kids to enjoy, we are ready for the last “slow down” before another busy homeschool year.  With a pool, a library and the ever bustling Circle K and Dairy Queen within 1 mile from us, I’m ready to build a few memories into my kids about this wonderful place I grew up in.  I know I only live 15 minutes away and all (you know, back over on the Cape Coral side), but there’s a lot of things that are normal here that aren’t there.  Like bike ride everywhere on a six-foot bike path.  Walking….well ANYWHERE! Look at needlefish on the Bokeelia Pier and hope for a dolphin sighting. Watch as everyone disregards the “no shirt/no shoes/no service” signs.  Play in the front yard.  Watch the local wildlife congregate in the evening by the pond…and maybe get eaten by an alligator passing by.

Just don’t hang around outside at dusk.  The local mosquitoes will carry you away.


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