No instructions, big adventures

There are days I wish life came with instructions.  As in if A happens, do F, G and H only.  But knowing me, I’d ignore them.  Maybe then we wouldn’t find ourselves on the verge of major upheaval in the very place I hope for comfort and security.  My home. 

Like the classic books, my life has become A Series of Unfortunate Events.  Ok, so I’m overdramatizing it, but still…finding out one side of your house is leaking water inside and has been for oh, forever, is still highly unfortunate.  Especially in Florida, the humidity and mold capital of the US.  And in my children’s rooms to boot! 

Well.  On to big adventures.  While my industrious, Mr. Fix-It fabulous hubby was ready to tackle the challenges head on, truth be told, this is a bigger issue than one man’s time.  Especially when said man works two jobs to keep me home and the kids homeschooled.  After a few weeks of looking at the tasks, the costs, the “what ifs”…we decided if life’s throwing us lemons, we’re going to make lemonade.  With a splash of vodka.  And a pretty umbrella.  So, we’re going to the pros.  We’re going to walk the tight-rope of trying to refinance our home so we can put some grit and gristle into this place we’ve lived in for six years. 

Did I mention we’re doing this as our homeschool year begins?  Did I mention that I’m  majorly  a little bit OCD about stuff neat in my house?  There’s going to be rooms ripped apart, dry wall removed and insulation being redone.  Floors will be removed and replaced.  Furniture will be piled into various locations as tasks are done.  And three children will be trying to do school amidst the chaos and loss of space.  And me?  I’ll be the crazy woman crouched in the corner muttering under my breath. 

But I’m going to do my absolute best to remember that this is an adventure.  That life is messy and complicated but God reigns.  That I don’t have to freak out if we’re making a huge mistake.  God knows.  And even if we are, or we’re crazy or I do actually lose my mind in the process, He’s still with me.  And if that means school is done on the patio while men are chopping through walls, then that’s what will be.  We aren’t given specific instructions for every detail of life.  And let’s just be honest, the few instructions He does give me I blissfully ignore anyway…hence my need of Jesus! 

So on we go.  Saying a prayer every step of the way!

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