Mommy-Boredom Busters Needed

I’ve fallen into the digital hobby vortex.

You know, the whole spend twenty minutes each hour perusing Pinterest to look at other people’s creativity.  Hoping over to Facebook for a good ten minutes, you know, just to break things up a bit…someone might have posted something vitally important since I checked an hour ago.  And then, heaven forbid I forget to hop back to Pinterest because my next meal could have just been pinned.

Yes.  It’s a problem.  One I’m working hard to wean myself from.

The problem comes in not having cheap and easily accessible hobbies at home.  Well, that and the digital world is a vortex anyway, but you get the idea.  So this brings me to my hobby hunt.  Which, amazingly, Pinterest had something to say about that…

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 7.39.51 PM

Ahem….anyways…I thought it was fairly decent wisdom.  I mean, if there was a hobby out there that made me money…why wouldn’t I want to do that??  Isn’t that what we all dream about?  Loving something so much and oh, hey, people will just give you loads of money to do it! Wow!  And an in shape hobby? Does eating candy in bed while watching a movie count???

Still, while I don’t quiet yet have the money-making hobby…I have an idea and am pursuing it.  It’ll be a long pursuit, but that is what life is for; daring to pursue and hunt for your niche.   And, I’m trying to do some healthy activity.  I’ve resumed my walks, which were on a multi-year hiatus because who has time for that with several young kids?  I’ve also added a very little yoga into my life, but when I do actually do it, I feel fabulous.

The creative hobby?  Well…that is just a mystery right now.  I can’t count reading, because that is not a hobby, but rather the very air I breathe.  I have no green thumb, I can’t sing, dance or cook (I do that for life, not for fun).  I’ve tried sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, and card making.  While I could do them, at least to some degree…I have found that my hobbies need a purpose.  Or, if the purpose is just the enjoyment, I need the ability to throw it away later without guilt.  I don’t keep things.  Ever.

So I’m on the hobby hunt.  Perhaps you’d be so good to offer a suggestion?  Otherwise, I might end up on Pinterest for hours.

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